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Monday, July 15, 2019

Beomaster 8000 - Workbench Unit - Investigating FM source audio in the Phono source channel

In this post I wanted to revisit Beolover's fix for reported FM audio crosstalk in the Phono channels.
I actually have been checking for that fault in my Beomaster 8000 restorations and with these new source switching IC device replacements. Unfortunately I had been unsuccessful in replicating the problem.

To review the problem...
Make sure the turntable connected to the Beomaster 8000 does not have a vinyl record ready to play.
When the Beomaster 8000 is switched on from Standby to Phono the Beomaster 8000 volume can be cranked up without hearing any music from the Phono music source.  That is good and is what is expected.

Next switch the Beomaster selected source to an FM station (preferably a strong station). Note the music that is selected. Now switch back to the Phono source (again with no record playing). Turn the Beomaster 8000 volume up and you can begin hearing (faintly) the FM station that you were just on bleeding into the Phono channel.  That is the problem.

As I mentioned, I had not been able to create this problem until this weekend when I moved my workshop Beomaster 8000 unit to a different bench and connected up a powered Terc FM antenna to the radio antenna input. This produced the strongest FM signal I had seen on the Beomaster. Retesting the FM crosstalk problem...I now had reproduced it.

Interestingly this test setup is with my new analog switch devices installed in the Beomaster 8000 preamplifier board. The preamplifier board also has TI OPA2134PA OpAmp devices for all of the analog sources.

Up until now I had reasoned that any audio crosstalk must be occurring in the analog switches the Beomaster 8000 preamp board uses. That made the most sense. However, this preamp board has the new multiplexer switching devices that have very good audio specs and low crosstalk ratings. I thought that should take care of any audio source crosstalk.

It turns out that it doesn't and that is quite surprising...and I do not understand the source of the problem at this point.

An acceptable work around for someone not wanting to make any wiring changes is to always put the Beomaster in Standby mode prior to selecting the Phono source. That will keep the FM tuner in the Beomaster muted while using the Phono source.

We want our cake and eat it too though so I decided to implement Beolover's fix for this problem.

I performed the same wiring modification Beolover came up with but I implemented the change differently.  I wanted to be able to easily switch from the original wiring to the modified wiring.  That option will allow me to keep investigating the problem.

My implementation is to put female jumper connectors on the two wiring routes related to this problem and fix.  Beolover's fix is to run the FM board audio mute control line to the preamplifier board phono source selection line. When Phono is selected on the Beomaster control panel the phono source selection line will tell the FM board to mute the FM audio. When the phono source is deselected the FM control will unmute the FM audio.

Here is the modified wiring for this on the FM board. The picture shows the FM audio mute control line connected to the default path the Beomaster 8000 originally takes.

The yellow wire from the FM board 1R37 resistor can be disconnected from the default ground path and connected to the Preamp board added connector (also on a yellow wire).

This path routes the FM audio mute control line to the preamp board Phono source selection control line.

Testing this modification in the workbench Beomaster 8000 unit I verified that I get no FM audio at all in the Phono channel with I have the FM audio mute control line connected to the preamp board.  I also verified that moving the FM audio mute control line back to the default position re-introduces the FM crosstalk problem.

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