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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Beomaster 2400 Type 2902: Reassembly and new display masks

The Beomaster 2400 has been playing music again in my workshop and I haven't even finished reassembling it.  To complete the reassembly I need new display masks for the tone controls (bass, treble and balance position indication).  Those parts are no longer available from Bang & Olufsen so I have to make replacements. I have done that before on the Beomaster 1900.

Here is the Beomaster 2400 with just the new bass display mask remaining to reinstall. The treble and balance indicator masks are already in place.

Interestingly this Beomaster 2400 serial number uses the same display mask pattern as the Beomaster 1900 units. That is interesting because on later serial number Beomaster 2400 units, but the same type: T2902, the mask pattern changed.

Here is the later mask pattern next to the one this Beomaster came with.

The early mask pattern used a clear square to indicate the current control position with vertical lines displayed on either side. The later pattern blacked out everything except the selected position which now has vertical lines. I guess they had a lot of discussion in the design department over which pattern they liked :-).

It is hard to capture the detail of the display masks but I was able to change the speed and sensitivity on the camera to get this close up of the new masks installed.

With the display indicator masks back in place I could reinstall the back plate and tone control deck.

As with a lot of the Beomaster 1900 and 2400 units this one arrived at the shop with missing and broken feet. Luckily that is another part supplied by Martin Olsen and I installed four new feet on this Beomaster.

The Beomaster is now ready for functional testing. I will start that a little later. For now I will leave the receiver playing an FM station as part of my ongoing burn-in testing.

It looks great and sounds great...and I haven't finished cleaning and polishing the cabinet yet.

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