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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Beomaster 8000: New Project From Texas

The second Beomaster 8000 project I have to start on is from right here in Texas. It is nice to not have to deal with shipping these heavy Beomaster receivers.

The owner of this Beomaster has owned this receiver for a long time and used it regularly until it stopped working on him.  Time to open it up and see what the condition of this unit is.

It looks good on the outside.

Under the filter and tone control lid the source input panel is showing signs of corrosion bubbles.

Here is the Beomaster 8000 opened up in the service position.

The parts look original. That is good but this unit is in need of a recapping of the electrolytic capacitors for sure.

I found some other mechanical problems on this Beomaster.

The phono DIN jack has a glue repair. We have seen this type of repair before. The original panel mount for the DIN jack breaks and people try to use epoxy to build a replacement. That makes a messy substitute but can work in a pinch. Fortunately Beolover makes a 3-D printed replacement part for this problem now.

The other mechanical problem is the filter and tone control panel lid has a broken lever. A repair attempt was also made on this problem but wasn't successful.

Beolover makes a 3-D printed replacement part for the lever. I will see if the damper can still be used but I do have a spare if it can't. Quite a few of these levers are broken and I think it is caused by repair persons not understanding how to remove them. Also, the lever part that connects to the damper does not snap on and off. It has a keyed opening that slides onto a post on the damper.

Another common Beomaster 8000 problem are the two ribbon cables that attach to the control panel. These have started to separate from the panel board.

A repair attempt was made with some tape but that won't do the trick. I will test those connections and re-attach the cables during the restoration. If the cables are not good I can use some reproduction cables from Beolover.

The left channel and right channel output amplifier boards use the same Bang & Olufsen parts. Both boards are original but in need of restoration. As you can see by the darkened areas of the boards they have been exposed to a lot of heat.

The power supply board also shows some dark areas from heat.

Apart from the mechanical damage this Beomaster is pretty typical of other Beomaster 8000 units I have seen. I don't see anything that would prevent restoring this unit to like new condition again.

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