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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Beomaster 8000: A New Project From Canada

Today I started looking at two new Beomaster 8000 restoration projects.  This seems to be the year for Bang & Olufsen owners ("Beolovers") to begin the process of getting their Beosystem 8000 audio gear back into good working order.

This first Beomaster 8000 is from Canada and looks to be in very good condition. The owner is not the original owner of this fine receiver but has requested our usual restoration and I look forward to making it like new again.

One question an owner wants to know is if the unit is in its original condition. Let's take a look.

The display board has a couple of breaks in the board where it attaches with screws to the cabinet.
Those don't look bad and can be repaired.

There are a couple of electrolytic capacitors here and there that have been replaced before but I would say most of the components inside this Beomaster are the original parts.

The output amplifier boards are in really good physical shape. They don't have the usual scorch marks from heat.

The control panel lid has its lid damper and lever mechanisms intact.

The source input panel is still in good shape.

This is good news for this project. It doesn't look there will need to be any mechanical repairs.

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