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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beogram 6000 (5512): Replacement of Transport Lock Bushings and Cabinet Guidance Washers with 3D Printed Parts

The Beogram 6000 (5512) that I am restoring right now is slowly coming together and it was time to replace the deteriorated transport lock bushings and the cabinet guidance washers. Replacement parts are available via the Beolover Shapeways store. Six of the bushings parts (two per bushing) and five of the guidance washers (there is one underneath the keypad) are needed to replace all original parts.

It is a good idea to get these items into proper condition before doing all the adjustments to line up the arms with the platter and the rest of the chassis. There are two types of transport lock bushings that were used in this type of Beogram, grey and orange plastic. The grey plastic seems to survive much longer, while the orange type usually is about to break up into pieces. So if you find telltale orange plastic fragments in your Beogram enclosure like this one found next to the motor 
then it is time to have a look at the bushings. This is what I found in this Beogram:
and with he lock components removed:
Before replacing the bushings it is a good idea to take the entire floating chassis out to remove plastic fragments that may possibly be underneath the chassis. If there are, it is possible that they impede the free movement of the chassis negating its isolating properties against vibrations. DC motor Beograms like this unit definitely have an advantage here, since the chassis can be fully removed once the transport locks have been removed and the PCB connectors are unplugged:
After cleaning out the enclosure and removal of the bushings remnants with needle nose pliers, the new bushings could be installed:
This is how they look once the locks are reassembled:
On to the cabinet guidance washers. This is what I found:
They usually crack into two halves. They can be replaced with my identical shape replicas:
It is a good idea to order one of them in black since the one at the front can be seen a bit between the wood plinth and the aluminum plate on top of the unit, and if it is black it is more or less invisible, similar to the translucent originals. Here you see one of them (under the keyboard with the CD-4 board in the background) installed:
Perfect fit! Having these renewed makes sure that the plinth seats properly and symmetrically around the top aluminum plates. Beolovely!

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