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Monday, October 3, 2016

Beogram 4002 (5501): Installation of New Transport Lock Bushings and New Cabinet Guidance Washers

The restoration of the Beogram 4002 (5501) that is on my bench right now is coming slowly to a conclusion. After restoring the worn keypad surfaces, I moved on to the transport locks and the cabinet guidance washers. The transport lock bushings should always be rebuilt before the floating chassis is adjusted that it sits centered in the enclosure.

There is a video about installing new transport lock bushings in my Beogram 4002 playlist. The bushings can be ordered directly from my Shapeways store. This is the link to the part. You will need two per transport lock.
Here are a few impressions: The picture below shows the situation (as found in most Beogram 4002s with the orange bushings). The bushings are completely fragmented and I had to remove the fragments with a vacuum from throughout the enclosure.

This shows one of the orifices in the sub chassis after cleaning up the fragments:
Installation of the new bushing is simple. They come in two parts which are installed from the top and bottom:
Then the lock can be reinstalled:
It is important to put the bolt in in its correct orientation (the longer end points down). This shows one of the locks fully done:
After that I replaced the cabinet guiding washers. The older 4002s all came with plastic washers, which are often cracked. The 5501 even has the same strange front-center washer like the 4000:
I always replace these with my reproduction parts since they do not guide the cabinet, just hold it down. This particular washer is best replaced with a black guiding washer. Otherwise it can be seen through the crack between cabinet and aluminum panel:
There is a video about this procedure in my Beogram 4002 playlist. The guidance washers can also be ordered directly from my Shapeways store. This is the direct link to the part. You can still use the (lower priced) white version, just use a Sharpie pen and 'paint' it black. The selective laser sintered (SSL) Nylon material is a bit porous, i.e. the ink nicely soaks into the bulk of the washer, giving it a durable black color.

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