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Monday, May 2, 2016

Beogram 4002 Commander MkII: Remote Control for Beogram 4002 Now With Integrated Auto-Repeat Function

The Beogram 4002 (5514) that I am currently restoring was supposed to receive my 4002 Commander Remote control system. A great idea, since the keypad is still near-pristine and the Commander remote will allow using the deck without touching the precious keypad. Check for demo and installation videos here if you are interested in upgrading your 4002. The Commander board plugs into all DC motor models. 

I decided to use this occasion to develop an updated MkII version of the 4002 Commander with an auto-repeat function, similar to what is found on the later Beogram 8000 and 8002 turntables. I realized that my long term goal may be to transform the 4002 into a deck that has the functionality of the 8002. Sort of a beautiful all-metal 8002....;-) 

This shows the 4002 Commander IR receiver board together with the red auto-repeat indicator board that utilizes the 4-channel "4-ch" indicator in the control cluster to indicate whether the single or the multi-repeat functions are active:
The 4-ch indicator was used in a few 4002s that have the CD-4 decoder board installed, which essentially turned them into a Beogram 6000. Most 4002s do not have this upgrade, and so one rarely sees this indicator in action. Well, now there is a way to enjoy it!...;-)

This shows the indicator in action:
And here an impression of the very simple installation process:
The indicator assembly plugs into the 4-channel indicator illumination slot in the aluminum panel and it is secured in place with the screw that is used to bolt down the keypad. My goal is always to keep the design of the Beogram intact that my upgrades can be removed without a trace if desired at a later point.

This shows the deck in action with the auto-repeat function engaged:
The 4-Channel indicator is on permanently if just a single repeat has been selected. If multi-repeat is active (up to 10 repeat plays) the indicator blinks in a 1s interval. As the plays are executed sequentially the indicator switches back to permanently on when only one play is left.

The repeat functions are selected by pressing the 'up' key on the included paired Apple remote at any time before or during the playing of a record. Each time the 'up' key is pressed the number of plays increases by one. I set the maximum plays to 10, thinking about a situation where the deck is set into action but then forgotten. So a mechanism that automatically turns it off after some time is a good idea. The 8002 has a similar restriction, and I think for the same reason. This is Beolove!


  1. how much does the process of installation cost?

  2. installation is plug and play, i.e you can do this yourself if you know how to use a screw driver...;-) Send me an email at beolover@gmail.com and we can discuss.

  3. Will this work on an Beogram 4004?

    1. The 4004 needs a modified board since it has a different main PCB. Use the contact form and send me a message if you would like to discuss.

  4. Hey
    Wow, thats amazing work!
    Are you still doing the boards? I can't seem to find any ordering info, like pricing and shipping
    Regards, Lennart


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