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Friday, January 15, 2016

Beogram 4000: Alternate "Circuit Diagram 2" with 24V Scale Illumination Lamps

I recently obtained a fairly pristine service manual for the Beogram 4000 and it came with a remarkable inserted leaf showing an alternate Circuit Diagram 2 (the 'executive' part of the control system). As far as I can tell the main difference on this diagram is that the position scale illumination is provided by two 24V bulbs connected in parallel to the 24V rail instead of the usual 2x 12V bulbs in series. I almost wish I hadn't found this diagram, since my simple question to Sonavor (who is currently restoring his 4000 -see his very awesome and detailed thread on beoworld.org) whether he wanted 24V or 12V versions of my bulb LED replacements tricked us both into believing he had the 24V version. More wishful thinking (at least on my part...;-) than reality, since it turned out he in fact has the 'normal' 12V version. Anyway, I decided to generate a high resolution scan of the circuit diagram in question for the enjoyment of all interested B&O aficionados. Here it is (click on the pic to get a glorious 8Mb 1200 dpi version):

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