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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beogram 4002 Type 5513: Results of Platter Motor Test 2 - Beolover Rebuilt Motor

As were the results of other Beolover rebuilt DC Beogram platter motors, I expected much more consistent speed readings from this second twenty-four hour speed test. That is the case here but it is impressive to actually run and record the test results myself.

To restate this second motor test - I took a Beogram 4004 platter motor that Beolover already re-infused the bearings with oil. That motor is now in this Beogram 4002 and I recorded the platter speed for twenty-four hours with the Beolover RPM Measurment Tool. This Beogram hasn't had any of its electronics restored yet so they are still as I received them and as far as I can tell still operating with the original 1976 parts (perhaps 1975 as that is the date marked on the motor).

Here are the test results:

Quite an impressive improvement and it leaves no doubt in my mind the importance of this restoration service on Beogram 4002/4004 DC motors that are over forty years old now.

That is very consistent speed for twenty-four hours straight and all with an analog control system.

The next steps in this project are to send the 1975 DC motor to Beolover for that part of the restoration and I will continue on with the electronic restorations. I will work on the main circuit board next then run another motor test to check the speed stability again. That test isn't really necessary but I am curious to record the improvement provided by each step.

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