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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Beogram 8002: Taking the restored turntable for a spin

The last bit of repair on this Beogram 8002 is to fix the problems with the dust cover lid assembly. Meanwhile I started playing records on the Beogram as a test drive (or burn-in test). This is always the best part of the restoration.

I set up the Beogram 8002 in my office so I could listen to it play for the next couple of days. One of my kids is a trumpet player so I find myself listening to a lot of music by trumpet players. This picture is the Beogram playing Freddie Hubbard's First Light  LP. My copy has a very slight warp in it but the Beogram had no problems tracking it.

Once the listening tests are over and the dust cover assembly is re-attached this Beogram will be returning home.

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