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Monday, March 28, 2022

Beomaster 4400 Type 2419: Cleaning & Polishing the 268 switch contacts

In a previous post for this Beomaster 4400 restoration project I mentioned disassembling the switches to clean and polish the switch contacts.

It took a while but I finally got all 268 front panel switch contacts completed.
I did take a little bit of a detour during the task to do some remodeling of the workshop but that is a different story.

With a much improved workspace the switch contacts are now polished and ready for reassembly.

Here is a picture of the start of the work with the switches all disassembled.

This photo shows a couple of the switch assemblies side by side.
The set on the left has not been cleaned and polished.  The set on the right has.

Here is a photo of the complete set of switch contacts after cleaning and polishing them all.

Here is a closer view.

This level of Beomaster 4400 disassembly for cleaning is not always necessary.
If the front switch panel is performing correctly then simply spraying some Deoxit contact cleaner/conditioner into the switch housings (and exercising the switches about 50 times) is enough.

However, I have run into one case where a Beomaster 4400 switch assembly operated correctly for periods of time but then had problems (making contact).

Also...on this Beomaster 4400 project there was a problem with the Off switch not functioning.
So in this type of scenario, since it is already a big task to disassemble the switches in order to fix the Off switch, I decided I might as well take advantage of the open switch assembly and clean all of the contacts manually.

The next post will reassemble the switch assembly and prepare the Beomaster 4400 for powering on.

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