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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Bay Area Beogram 8002: Some cabinet work

The Beogram 8002 turntable components are ready to go back into the cabinet but the cabinet is not quite ready.

This Beogram's cabinet is in pretty good shape but there were a few issues that had to be resolved as noted in the initial assessment of this unit.

I pulled apart the aluminum deck lid first as I didn't like someone's previous re-attachment of it.
The double-sided tape they used is too thick and has too much play in it.  The tape looks like the kind used for window and door insulation.

I applied Goo-Gone on all of the surfaces that had tape and glue residue that needed removal and let it sit overnight.

With the metal deck off I discovered the little metal spring that should be there was missing.
The original spring must have got lost in the original deck attachment attempt. 
I will have to use a spare one.

The spring is there to prevent any static charge from building up on the metal deck.

Here are the pieces with the old tape and glue cleaned off.

For reference, here are the dimensions of the missing spring.

Here are the new 3M RP32F VHB tape pieces in place on the deck along with the replacement static discharge spring.

I like this double-sided tape for the Beogram 800x deck because it is good, heavy duty VHB type tape that is easy to use and is 0.81 mm thick.  It makes for a good re-attachment and the seam is as close as it can be.

Here is the metal deck re-installed.

You can see in that last photo that there is a small nick in the rosewood trim on the front of the cabinet.
I will try to make that less noticeable with a small sliver of rosewood veneer I keep around for this type of restoration.

Another Beogram 8002 cabinet piece that had double-sided tape that required replacing is the metal deck lid in the the tonearm compartment.

I used VHB tape for that re-attachment as well but it is some 1 mm thick tape.

Here is the tonearm compartment deck lid back in place for a test fit.

There is a small metal bracket that fits on the dust cover where the damper spring assembly fits onto.
It is for damping the lowering of the dust cover.

The bracket was originally attached with the same double-sided tape B&O used for the metal deck so it will eventually deteriorate and fail.

I cleaned off the old residue and used epoxy to re-attach it.

I used the bar hinge of the Beogram to make sure the bracket was aligned properly during the glue process.

I set some weight on the bracket so the epoxy would set properly and will let that cure for 24 hours.

There is another cabinet piece issue to be addressed on this Beogram.
The tonearm compartment top lid.

This Beogram arrived with the hinge lever for that lid broken.
It appears to have had an attempt made before to repair it.
You can see glue residue from the repair attempt.
That isn't really a good sight plus it could interfere with the bar hinge.

Here is a possible replacement lid.  It has its hinge lever intact.

That hinge lever fits into the slot on the cabinet that has a mating lever piece to control the raising and lowering of the lid.

There is a cavity where the levers connect that is supposed to be filled with Kilopoise damping grease.
Most of the damping grease is gone from this Beogram unit so I will have to refill the compartment with new Kilopoise grease.

Tomorrow the epoxy for the dust cover damping spring bracket should be fully cured and I will be able to start reassembling the turntable parts into the cabinet.

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