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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Beomaster 2400: Indicator Lamp Checks

Now the project gets to the fun part...reassembly and testing.

First thing is to put all of the parts I removed back and turn the Beomaster 2400 on.

I want to see if the replaced lamps all work and I will want to measure the Beomaster power supplies.

This post will show the testing of the new lamps.  The volume level indicator lamp module and the Bass/Treble/Balance module have to be re-soldered in place first. 

Here is the volume level lamp module reinstalled.

...and here is the Bass/Treble/Balance lamp module.

With the Beomaster powered on these two lamp modules illuminate.  

The source and FM tuning indicator module has two connectors so no soldering is required to reinstall it.

The lamps on this module all worked except one, the FM3 source selection lamp.
It turned out that I had the LED replacement lamp installed with reverse polarity.  I switched it around and then it too worked.

I was curious as to how I got the polarity wrong on the FM3 source indicator board. I used the previous Beomaster 2400 restoration project as a reference so the polarity should have been correct.
Looking at the previous project I now see that this indicator lamp panel has differences more than just the two board connectors.

Here is the Beomaster 2400 Type 2902 indicator board from my previous restoration project. The FM3 lamp (between the two board connectors) does not have the jumper that the current Beomaster 2400 does.  The same is true for the Beomaster 1900 Type 2903. The wiring path for that lamp is indeed different...as I found out.

On to the power supply and no-load current adjustments.

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