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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Beomaster 2400: Bass, Treble and Balance Slide Controls

The tone controls and balance sliders of this Beomaster 2400 felt good and appeared to be okay.  Closer inspection of the Bass control slider revealed some suspicious looking contact attachments.
That being the case I opened up the Bass control slider and sure enough the plastic bridge that holds the contacts had broken tabs.

The failing contact mounts on these slider control bridges are present on almost every Beomaster 1900/2400 unit I have encountered so far.

Fortunately Martin Olsen makes replacement bridges that will fix these sliders. I will use another set to restore this Beomaster.

Here are the original and replacement bridges side by side.

Here are the slider contacts installed in the new bridge and the slider all cleaned up.

The Bass slider control put back together.

The Treble and Balance slider controls still had bridges with the mounts for the slider contacts intact.
I went ahead and replaced those bridges with new ones however so the controls would feel the same.

Here is the Tone Control & FM Tuner board with the repaired slider controls re-installed.

The lamp replacements are the next step.  After that this Beomaster should be ready for a bench test.

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