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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beomaster 8000: FM Tuner Recap

Today was FM tuner day! While I am waiting for the new reservoir caps for the current Beomaster 8000 restoration, I decided to do the tuner today. (More about the capacitors later...the Mundorfs were not really as golden on the inside as the Made in Germany label would suggest). The tuner recap was an uneventful activity. Some calm music on my Beosound 9000, and off I went. Here are the pics:


And after recapping with quality 105C caps and cleaning of the contacts. As usual they were oxidized and needed the fiberglass brush and a coat of DeoxIT D100L:

And a detail:

After plugging the boards back in, I turned the Beomaster on, and everything was happy!

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