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Friday, June 6, 2014

Beomaster 8000: A New Day A New Beomaster!

Another Beomaster 8000 just arrived. From ebay on route to Australia (yes, beolover went 'global'!...;-) it made a stop at my bench for some TLC. This was a better ebay experience. While the seller did not communicate in response to my requests for double boxing, he/she at least did a pretty solid job with a single box (and used FedEx - I am done with the post office since a recent disturbing experience where they dented the heat sink of a just repaired 8000...):

And it came with the original warranty document and an original owner's manual. Did I mention the remote? and speaker cables. Even an antenna is in the box. Very nice.

And check out the almost pristine veneer corners!:

Seems this baby comes from a home where people care about their equipment! I should keep it for myself! (just kidding!..My wife says three 8000s is enough!...;-)
Let's see what awaits us inside!

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