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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beomaster 6000 Heat Sink Temperature

I recently fixed the output stage of a Beomaster 6000 and adjusted the quiet current to specifications. I thought it would be interesting to know what the corresponding heat sink temperatures are for future diagnostic purposes. Here is what I measured with a digital IR thermometer on the top of the 'cooling tower' in the back of the BM6000:

After ~1 hr of listening to the radio (volume set to 10) the right half of the cooling tower measured about 42-44C, while the left half measured 38-40C. The reason for this difference is that the right side houses the power supply, i.e. more heat is dissipated there. I expect that these numbers vary depending on the ambient temperature of the location. When I measured, it was about 20C.
If the BM6000 delivers temperatures significantly higher than the above values, I would think that the quiet current needs some adjustment.

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