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Friday, May 4, 2018

Beomaster 8000: Display Board Back In Business

No problems with the Beomaster 8000 segmented display module burn-in test.  All that is needed to complete the display board is to reinstall the display modules and replace the four indicator lamps with Beolover LED replacement boards. The incandescent indicator lamps are for Clipping, Filters, Mono and Manual (as in manual tuning).

The four lamps are outlined in green dotted lines in the following picture. The blue dotted lines show four related resistors (R34, R36, R38 and R40) that are removed when the Beolover LED lamp boards are installed.

Like all of the Beolover replacement parts these lamp modules are direct plug in replacements for the original part. In this case there are the four resistors that get removed but if anyone in the future wanted to return to using incandescent lamps it is a simple matter of soldering in the resistors along with the lamps.

The display board works beautifully again. I tried out all of the modes and all LEDs illuminate as they are supposed to.

This Beomaster is ready to be closed back up and put through some final testing.

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