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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beogram 4000: Keyboard Keys - Video About Removal and Installation

A Beogram 4000 that I recently sent out after restoration arrived with two keys detached from the keypad. I had taped them down and put a foam pad on top so that the hood would press them down, but two still came loose.

This is a little bit a design flaw of the 4000, since its beautifully large (and therefore heavy) keypad keys are only attached by leaf springs. This is great as long as the unit sits on your sideboard, but the rigors of shipping can be too much for this mechanism. I wanted to avoid another round trip of this beauty, and so I decided to design special installation tools for my customer, and I made a video how to use them. The video shows how to remove the keys, and how to get them back in. Like all my part designs, the tools are available to other B&O enthusiasts. They are plastic, i.e. there is little risk to damage the precious brushed aluminum surfaces. The tools also work much better than the usually employed flat head screwdrivers. Check out the video:

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