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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Beomaster 8000: Boxing Up for International Shipping

My experience with the shipping of Beomaster 8000s is such that one should basically never ship them single boxed (see recent single box mishap here). The 47 lbs weight of the units makes double boxing with thorough foam padding with industrial grade foam necessary. I use new foam and boxes whenever I build a shipping container. In fact, I am thinking I will refuse return shipping without a second box from now on. Single box shipping is penny-wise but pound-foolish. Maybe a $30 difference in materials. Yes, quality foam is expensive, but worth every penny if you Beolove your Beomaster 8000. Anyway, here we go:

International shipping requires typically a box with a smaller volume weight of 108 inches (i.e. circumference x length <= 108 inches). These parameters need to be kept in mind. Otherwise it will get complicated since either juicy oversize charges apply or freight must be used (depends on carrier).

Luckily the Beomaster 8000 fits into a 12x24x36 box with an inner box size of 10x20x30. Add two full size 1" poly foam sheets (~72" x 80") and a few scraps of cardboard for additional impact shields and we are good to go. Here are a few impressions of my effort with a Beomaster 8000 that I am shipping to the UK tomorrow:
I start out with a double strength corrugated cardboard 12x24x36 box. Then a foam layer:
Now it is time to place the inner box. Since I was not able to procure double strength 10x20x30 boxes, I put two single strength boxes inside each other. This creates a very HD inner box. Then another two foam layer into the inner box:
Now it is time to build the foam layers around the inner box. Two layers on the long and three layers on the short side.

I layer the foam with additional cardboard pieces to add more impact protection. It also helps to push the foam all the way down:

Now add a Beomaster 8000! A last look

And then it gets wrapped in a layer of thin cushioning:

After putting it in the inner box, more foam is layered around it. Two layers on the long sides and one on the short. So we have a pretty uniform foam layering on all sides once all foam layers are added up between the two boxes.
Now it is time to fill the wedge shaped space above the Beomaster:
Wait! I was able to supply a pristine looking Beolab Terminal remote for this Beomaster. 
Now is the time to add it. I cut out a window for it in one of the foam pads that go on top of the Beomaster:

And the final layers
and one more on top:

Time to close the inner box:

Add another layer of cushioning. Unfortunately, there was not enough room for a full inch of foam, so I had to use a 0.5" styrofoam panel. This should work.

Add a full roll of packing tape to protect the corners and seams, and an expensive international mailing label and customs forms in quadruplicate and we are good to go!

Farewell my lovely! May the postman be gentle with you! This is Beolove!

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