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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beomaster 8000 Power Supply Board Rebuild

Today some routine work on my 3rd Beomaster 8000: Recapping of board 6 (power supply). These capacitors get warm, i.e. they should definitely be replaced when refurbishing a BM 8000. This board was different from my previous two Beomasters in that the large reservoir caps were not glued to the board with silicone, but rather with a strip of double sided tape, similar to that type used in the Beogram 8000 models to attach the brushed aluminum panels. Of course this tape was degraded, and the capacitors came off easily. Therefore, no heating required. Here are some pictures:

The original board:
After removing the reservoir capacitors (this 'foam' is the degraded tape, which I removed through scraping and ethanol):

With new capacitors:
What is left to do are the left output, the display, the main reservoir caps and the speaker switches, which failed on both my other beomasters and seem to be a weak spot of this design.

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