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Beolover SyncDrive: DC Platter Motor Replacement for Beogram 4002 and 4004 (Type 551x and 552x)

Late Beogram 4002 and the 4004 (Types 551x and 552x), which have DC platter motors instead of the earlier synchronous AC motors usually suff...

Beomaster 4400 Restoration

This is a list of our Beomaster 4400/4000 related entries. Some are about trouble shooting, others about basic restoration tasks:

Beomaster 4400 (2419): First Contact and a Peek Inside

Beomaster 4400 (2419): 15V Rail Restored

Beomaster 4400 (2419): Tuner Repaired

Beomaster 4400: Recapping the FM Decoder PCB

Beomaster 4400: Replacing the Main Reservoir Capacitors

Beomaster 4400: Full Recap and Output Trimmer Replacement

Beomaster 4400: Phono Input Muted and AFC Not Working

Beomaster 4400: RIAA Equalization - Weak Bass

Beomaster 4400 (2419): Missing Preset Cover Replacement

The cure for a humming transformer:
A potentially much cheaper option: Interesting threads on diyaudio and audiokarma about 'treating' a humming transformer. We never tried this remedy, but it sounds like an interesting option. Let us know if you were able to do this successfully...;-)

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