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Beolover SyncDrive: DC Platter Motor Replacement for Beogram 4002 and 4004 (Type 551x and 552x)

Late Beogram 4002 and the 4004 (Types 551x and 552x), which have DC platter motors instead of the earlier synchronous AC motors usually suff...

Beocord 5000 (4715/16) Restoration

This is a list of my posts about the Beocord 5000 (4715/16):

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Beocord 5000 (4715/4716): Recapping the Power Supply, Motor Control, Electronic Switch and Operational Control Boards

Beocord 5000 (4715/4716): Recapping the Preamplifier and the Radio Amplifier Boards

Beocord 5000 (4715/4716): Exchanging the Belts

Beocord 5000 (4715/4716): Extraction of Drive Mechanism

Beocord 5000 (4715/4716): Polishing of Plexiglass Panel

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Beocord 5000 (4715/4716): Replacing the Belts


  1. Hi. I´ve seen the belt replace movie now . Very interesting, it looks so complicated, but you make it look easy.
    Got a Beocord 5000 . 4705 (3 heads) . The take up reel is to slow now , could be the belt.
    Have done a similar job on my Tandberg TCD 330. But I will not try the B&O.

  2. I just want to add some info: I thought my Beocord was dead but a friend of mine who worked at a Tandberg service for many years said that old tape-decks etc with belts should be kept cool and by all means used . Suddenly the take up reel works and it sounds great . I'll listen to my cassettes now in Easter time.

  3. I agree...these units must be used! Enjoy your 5000!

  4. Hi Beolover how are you ??
    I have a BeoMaster 1900 and I want to replace all the lamps by LEDs, but I read in foruns and blogs that may not be possible, because the original lamps are part of the capacitive circuit, and the leds couldn't work properly.
    I believe that there should be an alternative to replace the lamps.
    What is your expert opinion about it ??
    Thank you. Paulo (Brazil)

  5. Working on a beocorder 5000 and the belts were toast. Replaced them and it works but now it will play and then about 8 seconds in, it will just close the drawer. I can push play again (the outside play) and it will play about 8 seconds and stop. The power is still on, just stops playing.

  6. Hi, my pulley motor squeaks terribly, can it be fixed


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