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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Beogram 4000: A New Arrival from Massachusetts

It is always a happy moment when a customer comes back for more! In this case I restored a Beogram 4000 for a client in Massachusetts in early 2023, and now I received a second 4000 from him. I guess one cannot have too many Beograms!...;-).

This Beogram 4000 arrived safely packaged in a Beolover box. It also came with an exciting present for the Beolover!! (Thank you very much!):

This lovely 180g re-issue of one of the greatest Jazz records of all time, Bill Evans Trio: "Waltz for Debby", which was recorded live in 1961 at the Village Vanguard, will be perfect for celebrating the completed restoration of this Beogram 4000!

I inspected the cosmetic condition. The aluminum surfaces are in pretty good shape!:
The plinth corners are also still pretty sharp and have only minor flaws:
I removed the platter and the panels for a look 'below deck':
The unit seems in pretty much original condition. The usual stress-fracture is developing in the carriage pulley:
Happily, the red position indicator is still intact:
I plugged it in and pressed start: The strobe light for the RPM adjustment came alive with a health orange glow:
Beautiful! The deck also found the LP setdown point and the solenoid activated. All good signs!
This should be a straight forward restoration. Stay tuned!

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