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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Beomaster 4400 (2419): Into the Recap

These seventies era Beomaster receivers have a low profile and are quite a challenge to open up into a service position. I like the way the eighties era Beomaster units were designed with some consideration for the service technicians. Oh well, it is what it is. The Beomaster 4400 is an improvement over the Beomaster 4000. There are some board connectors.

Here is the Beomaster opened up and ready for recapping.

The PC5 board has the most recapping work and does not unplug completely for removal. I disconnected enough wires to it so I can get to where I need to with regards to replacing capacitors but I will tackle the PC5 board after I recap the smaller boards.

I started with the PC3 - Stereo Decoder and Indicator Circuit board. It is a good one to warm up on.

Here is the recapped board. For now I am leaving the trimmer resistors as they are on the FM boards. I will replace them as necessary during the Beomaster performance testing. 

Next are the PC1 and PC2 FM boards. There are just three capacitors to replace between them.

...and here are those boards after the recap.

Now for the PC4 - Preamplifier board.

On this board I also changed out the six 50KΩ trimmer resistors as I recapped the board.

Tomorrow I will tackle the large, PC5 board and the two reservoir capacitors.

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