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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Beogram 4000: Replacement of Sensor Arm Light Bulb with an LED

The final incandescent bulb to be upgraded with an LED in the Beogram 4000 that I am restoring right now was the one in the sensor arm. This LED is the most difficult to replace due to the compact dimensions of the compartment in which it is located. This required the design of a flex PCB based solution since this LED not only needs a current limiting resistor, but also a current bypass to simulate the presence of a light bulb drawing a much more significant current than a modern LED. This current is used by the control system to detect if the light bulb is working, i.e. the LED setup needs to draw a similar current. This shows the bulb compartment pulled out of the sensor arm:
I removed the bulb. This shows the bulb together with the already folded LED assembly:
Then I installed the flex PCB into the bulb compartment. This shows it powered up:
The warm-white LED emits enough red photons to properly light up the B&O logo like the original bulb.
Whenever the sensor arm light source is replaced the record detection circuit needs to be tested to make sure the absence of a record is properly detected. This shows the signal measured at the collector of TR14, which amplifies the sensor response for the control system:
It is as specified in the manual, having an amplitude of about 2V spanning from 0.2 to 2.2V. All good in the sensor department!

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