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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beomaster 8000: Display Board (part 3)

The plastic mounting tabs of the light guide and lens cover for the display modules were originally long enough so the ends could be melted. The melted ends of the mounting tabs flattened out to hold the light guide and lens cover to the display PCB. Obviously those flattened ends had to be cut in order to remove and replace the LEDs.

The reassembly of these LED display modules could just involve gluing the light guide and lens cover back in place. What we like to do is go a little bit further. In testing the displays we notice that LED illumination exits the back side of the display boards and could end up being visible from other areas of the display. To prevent that we wrap the display in black tape and use some black hot glue to help seal the module together.

Here is the balance display as an example.

That seals the display module pretty well I think. The same thing was repeated for the other three display modules.

Re-attaching the displays to their plastic holders and inserting the connection leads through the display board is a little difficult. It can take a surprising amount of manipulation (and time) to get the modules reinstalled on the board. 

Finally this one is done.

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