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Monday, February 5, 2018

Beomaster 8000: Display Board (part 2)

I completed installing the new SMD LEDs in the remaining three Beomaster 8000 display modules. It was pretty much the same as with the first display module except a lot more LEDs to solder. The job is quite tiring on the eyes.

If you are looking at refurbishing your own display modules I can tell you that the best method I have found is to solder one side of the SMD LED first, then check the fit of the display light guide. Last year I tried using an SMD work station that has a hot air gun and a board heater along with SMD solder paste. Unfortunately the solder pads on these display board are too wide and the hot air gun would blow the SMD LEDs out of alignment (but still on the solder pad).

The result was a lot of rework by hand so it is better to just do the LED soldering manually to begin with. One side first, a fit check and finally the other side. Tedious for sure but the displays work the first time this way.

I started with the largest display module, the FM channel display and worked my way down to the volume level display. Here is the FM channel display  beginning its testing.

Here are all four displays powered up on the test jig.

I will let them burn-in for twenty-four hours before I seal up the modules for re-installation on the Beomaster display board.

Once the displays are back on the display board it will be time to reassemble all of the refurbished boards in the Beomaster 8000 chassis and try this restored receiver out.

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