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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Beogram 4002 (5513): Final Adjustments and Test Drive with Freddie Hubbard's Liquid Love

After installing the Beolover 4002 Commander remote control and internal RIAA pre-amplifier it was time to do the final adjustments on this deck and then give it a first spin. First I adjusted the tracking feedback:
The blue trimmer on my tracking sensor LED light source is very helpful for fine tuning the feedback after doing the coarse mechanical adjustment of the sensor housing relative to the sensor aperture.

The next step was to adjust the subclasses and platter height followed by adjusting the arm lowering limit:
The goal here is to adjust the lowering limit the the needle can go below the record but does not hit the ribs of the platter, should the record detection circuitry ever fail. Then it was time to adjust the tracking weight to 1.2g. I usually replace the flimsy circlip that holds the counter weight screw in place
with a M3 nut and a washer:
This allows fixating the counter weight in place in a way that survives the rigors of shipping. Once that is done the weight adjustment mechanism can be calibrated with a digital balance:
Most B&O cartridges are specified for a 1.2g tracking weight, i.e. it is best to calibrate for that weight.
The final step was to replace the original worn keypad with an almost pristine original pad that I recently was able to acquire:
And then it was finally time to put on a record and give this restored Beogram its first spin of its new life! I selected a recently acquire Freddie Hubbard record from 1975, "Liquid Love". This record is among the less highly rated ones of his output, but it is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Especially the track "Lost Dreams" is quite lovely. Here is an impression:
I always enjoy playing a Beogram with my 4002 Commander remote installed. In case you wondered how the IR signal makes it from the Apple remote to the Commander receiver board: This shows the IR receiver as it protrudes from beneath the plinth when the deck is fully assembled:
Almost invisible (and fully reversible). Beolovely!

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