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Friday, October 20, 2017

Beogram 4002 (5523): Final Adjustments, Repair of a Damaged Pinth Corner and Test Drive with Bobby Hutcherson

The restoration of the Beogram 4002 (5523) that I have on the bench right now is coming to a close. After implementing new gold coated RCA plugs I adjusted the sub-chassis and the plater height and cleaned the aluminum surfaces thoroughly. The next step was to adjust the arm lowering limit to ensure the needle misses the ribs on the platter should the record detection mechanism ever fail:
Next was the calibration of the tracking weight scale. As usual, I upgraded the counter weight adjustment mechanism with a M3 nut replacing the flimsy circlip that is installed originally. This shows the original setup:
And with the tightened nut and washer installed after balancing the arm:
This makes the weight calibration much more resilient against the 'rigors of transport'.
Now it was time to adjust the tracking weight:
Before I connected the deck to my Beomaster 6000 for a test spin, I fixed a small chipped off area in the plinth:
It is always the corners that are damaged...I cut a small piece of veneer to size and glued it into place. After letting the wood glue harden, I cut off the overhang with a razor blade:
I think this looks much better. Adding some wood polishing compound later on will further improve the look. I think in a '20/20 setting' this plinth looks quite passable now.

Time for the test drive! I selected a recent acquisition to the Beolover's vigorously expanding vinyl collection: Bobby Hutcherson's Solo / Quartet album from 1982. This album is very underrated in my opinion. Especially the Solo part on side 1 is a very unique composition that shows an entirely different side of Bobby Hutcherson's talent. Incredibly smooth and lush it is ideal for a quiet evening working away on Beograms! According to the liner notes, he composed it while recovering from an injury of his index finger caused by a 'power lawn mower mishap'. I guess another demonstration that misfortune can result in unexpected outcomes and benefits. Here is an impression of the Beogram playing this lovely album:
Of course this album was ultrasonically cleaned with a CleanerVinyl set-up.

All that is left is to do is to polish the hood...time for a 3 hrs workout with the polishing block!!!..;-)

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